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Saint Jude Statue – Made in Italy, Hand Painted, 7.8′ Inches


Hand Painted, 7.8′ Inches

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Saint Jude Statue – Made in Italy, Hand Painted, 7.8’ Inches

·         Entirely hand painted by skilled Italian artisans.

·         Made in Lucca (Tuscany, Italy) by the Pasquini family.

·         The Pasquini family’s hand painted statues can be found in churches, shrines,            monasteries, and private homes all over the world.

·         Includes certificate of origin.

·         Size: 7.8’ Inches.

·         Patron saint of desperate and lost causes.

This beautiful statue depicting Saint Jude was made by the Pasquini family in the small town of Ghivizzano – Coreglia, just outside Lucca. With a lifetime of experience, these skillful artisans have perfected their craft and bring us highly detailed and meticulously hand painted statues, using 100 % italian materials. Every box comes with a certificate of origin, written  both in Italian and English. 

Saint Jude: Often referred to as Judas Thaddeus, it is said that the name of this Saint has been abbreviated to Jude to distinguish him from Judas Iscariot. St Jude, in the Roman Catholic tradition, is considered as the patron saint of desperate and lost causes. He is often depicted carrying a circular image of Jesus Christ in his right hand, a symbol of one of the miracles that he performed while spreading the Word of God. Thanks to a piece of cloth on which Jesus had pressed His face on, Saint Jude was able to heal the faithful King Abagar of Edessa of his leprosy. Known for his zeal, his will to help, and his ability to preach the Gospel with great passion, often in very harsh circumstances, today he is prayed to, to give strength and hope to the ones who most need it.

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