Here, available once more in reprint, is one of the most enlightening books written on the blacksmith’s craft. Called a “bible” of the trade by many because of its wonderful “teaching quality,” it has been used by generations of blacksmiths as the seminal text on forging.

Designed primarily to help the beginner in learning both the theory and practice of forge work through self-instruction, the chapters on advanced forging and art forging provide directions for the more difficult types of work suitable for the skilled blacksmith.

The book has excellent sections on tool manipulation, tool-smithing, basic exercises, and ornamental work, including the forming of flowers. There is the added bonus of a section on repoussé which is rare in books on forging, especially those printed in English. Throughout, Schwarzkopf stresses the importance of learning solid fundamentals and proper tooling, as well as the proper mind set.

The illustrations are easy to follow and the explanations are concise and to the point. As the interest in blacksmithing continues to expand, books such as this are an invaluable tool to help beginners and craftsmen alike broaden their metalworking vocabulary.

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