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Pioneering: the Long Hunter Series 1 with Mark Baker (DVD)



Recreating the 18th Century Lifestyle of the Colonial American Kentucky Pioneer. Universal DVD, 120 minutes

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Clothing and accoutrements; making oil cloth, center seam moccasins, putting together your attire. Mark demonstrates how to dye cloth with walnut hulls, make tallow and create an authentic look. Flint knapping demonstration with William White; shooting a rifle, a fowler and a pistol, plus more. Two hours long.  

Note from the Producers


     In 1986, we started The Preservation of the American Pioneer Crafts Series. Our goals are to promote an appreciation of our American heritage and educate through an entertaining format how to recreate either the products or the lifestyle from the 18th century.

    The company was intended to be self-sustaining and self-perpetuating in that profits would serve to produce new videos. Additionally, we contribute to supporting featured artisans through direct commissions from sales.

    Your purchase directly contributes to preserving certain positive aspects of our heritage, and helps the livelihood of some very talented individuals. In addition, you get a neat how-to DVD so you too can learn these skills! We sincerely appreciate our customers. You have become partners in our endeavor to educate and entertain viewers about colonial era crafts.

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