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Metal Shaping Set with Ron Fournier: ‘Bucks, Patterns & Forms’ plus ‘Blocking & Smoothing’ (2 DVD Set)



2 Universal DVDs, 150 minutres

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Spend 2 and a half hours with metalworking guru and instructor Ron Fournier learning techniques of metal shaping.

This set contains the following two DVDs:  Metal Shaping: Blocking and Smoothing with Ron Fournier, and, Metal Shaping: Bucks, Patterns and Forms with Ron Fournier.

Metal Shaping: Blocking and Smoothing by Ron Fournier (DVD): Ron explains the technique of blocking and smoothing aluminum parts using shot bags, mallets, heads and slappers. Final smoothing is demonstrated on the English wheel.

A variety of shapes are made, including: bowl, tear drop, and motorcycle fender. Also, forming a section of a patch panel for a sports car fender using a buck.

Thorough explanation of the tools and equipment used to form .050" and .063" aluminum projects.

90 minutes.

Metal Shaping: Bucks, Patterns and Forms (DVD): Ron shows and explains a variety of bucks.

Step-by-step demonstration on building a sectional fender buck. Additional topics include: material & fastening recommendations, determining the frequency of stations, construction differences between single use and low-production bucks.

60 minutes.

Total run time 150 minutes.

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150 minutres