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Mauser Bolt Rifles by Ludwig Olson



Hardcover, 372 large-size pages, over 672 photos, drawings, exploded views, cutaways

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Updated & Expanded 15th Printing

MAUSER BOLT RIFLES is the most complete, precise, authoritative and comprehensive work ever done on Mauser bolt rifles . . . so inclusive that a thorough knowledge of it will make you a Mauser expert in your own right! Within its covers are: Exhaustive data on each development, all specific characteristics, variations, models, innovations, modifications. Countries who made or bought Mausers and their changes and markings. Complete ammo data, ballistics, effectiveness and uses. How to identify details. "How-it-works" drawings/pictures with step-by-step instructions. Foreign and contract rifles. Sporters including Oberndorf and foreign models. Experimental rifles. And, pictures – hundreds of beautifully photographed original rifles, many so rare they are not even in museums, but hidden in the finest private collections. Makes positive identification of valuable collectibles sure and easy. Saves bucks and embarrassment at gun shows and in the shop. There are so many thousands of Mauser rifles in the U.S. that you cannot trade, fix or collect guns without encountering them – making the book an invaluable tool of the trade on your bench or in your library. For, if Mauser made it, designed or developed it – and it was a bolt rifle – it’s in the book!

372 large-size 8½" x 11" pages. Over 672 photos, drawings, exploded views, cutaways. Hundreds of charts, spec tables, data tables and symbols. Thoroughly cross-indexed not only by Model, but also by variations, Countries, accessories used and people in Mauser’s history. Extensive bibliography, listing all the books, catalogs, articles and foreign sources. Detailed listing of all the people who helped. Everything about Mauser bolt rifles is here – and to know and understand Mauser rifles is to understand all rifles . . . for this is the one they all copied. And, it is all in one magnificent volume.

An extremely handsome, lavishly illustrated book. Deluxe hardbound cloth cover. Bound a special way to lie flat. Printed on the finest, dull-finished, coated paper to bring out every minute detail in the photographs and drawings. Extensive use of background color helps highlight many of the precise line drawings. All proof marks and Country marks are shown greatly enlarged for easy, positive identification of those marks on guns. No effort has been spared to be sure that in your gunsmithing, collecting or firearms hobby you can use the book easily – and frequently – confident that MAUSER BOLT RIFLES is the ultimate, encyclopedic source with everything you need right at your fingertips.

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