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Lives Shaped by Steel: Celebrating East Coast Outdoor Metal Artists (Hardcover)

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Softcover, 248 pages, 300 color photos

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“Your book is a gem and a great record of the state of artist-blacksmithing along the whole eastern seaboard at this particular moment. It is one of those rare and special milestones that will stand the test of time.
This is all the more so because in addition to the staggering amount of material which is presented and presented so well, I can sense from reading your profiles of colleagues with whom I am familiar, that your “radar” and understanding of the personal dynamics and personalities involved is also spot on.”
— Dimitri Gerakaris, New Hampshire

“You certainly have done yourself proud and thus you have done all of us proud. Such an attractive book … layout, pictures, format. And a wonderful range of ironwork, tastes for everyone. All accompanied by a very gracious and generous text.
We are all in your debt.”
— Nol Putnam, Virginia
Blacksmiths do more than shoe horses. In fact, many have never been near a horse. Artistic blacksmiths create fine additions to houses, gardens and public spaces. This book celebrates East Coast metal artists, and focuses on their outdoor work – the kind of gates or railings, signs or sculptures that add beauty to the world. The very best examples of this kind of metalwork show that the metal has become a part of its place. Each needs the other: a gate would look interesting but lost in the blacksmith’s shop; the garden would be just a garden without the gate in place. When the gate and the garden are together, magic happens. The author asks how the artists do their work, where they get ideas, what challenges they face, and how they got started in their special profession.

Blacksmiths will learn how others have established successful businesses, working with discriminating, high-end clients, as well as clients with smaller projects and pocketbooks.

There are also fascinating interviews with over forty metal artists, delving into their philosophy of design and approach to their craft.

11 X 8 1/2 format, 248 pages, with over 300 color photos.

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