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Ironwork Today 3: Inside and Out, by Jeffrey B. Snyder

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Hardcover, 256 pages, 462 illustrations

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Over 450 vivid color photos provide a sweeping overview of the amazing range of iron artwork being created by 82 of today’s artist-blacksmiths. These works in metal are found in public spaces, offices, and homes. They vary in size from small, everyday objects to staggering public monuments.

The pieces, discussed by the artists who made them, include sculpture, gates, railings, furniture, lighting fixtures, doors, locks, and much more. This book, the third in an ongoing series, has artwork arranged by the artist alphabetically, rather than in categories. This allows readers to see the full scope of each artist’s work together on adjoining pages. Here readers will find some artists whose work they have seen in other books in this series; others they are meeting for the first time.

This book will be a prized reference guide and source of inspiration for homeowners, designers, artists, and blacksmiths as a fascinating snapshot of current trends in this dynamic, growing field of artistic endeavor.

Size:  11 x 8 1/2
Illustrations:  462+ color photos
Pages:  256
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Binding: Hard Cover

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