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Introduction to Aluminum Work with Kent White and others (5 DVD set)


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Universal DVD, 5 hours and 22 minutes

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If you are starting out and wish to have a good overview, then Kent White, the Tin Man, has chosen these DVDs specifically for you. Working with aluminum is hard in the beginning, and so you need inspiration and careful instruction to get you going. 

The 5 DVD Set Includes:

-Shaping Aluminum Wheel Pants DVD
-Shrinking Magic DVD
-Basic Damage Repair on the Aluminum Body DVD
-Sheet Metal Repairs to the P38 Lightning (Historic B&W Dvd)
-Metal Aircraft Construction Methods DVD (Historic B&W Dvd)

Please see each individual product listing for complete descriptions. 

Total running time is 5 hours and 22 minutes!

These 5 DVDs cover hand tools, measuring, cutting, forming, form blocks, riveting, patterns, bucks, shrinking, stretching, and some gas welding on the aluminum, too. I would have learned a heck of a lot if these had been available back in the 1970s, and saved a bunch of learning curve time and effort on mistakes, too!


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5 hours and 22 minutes