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How to Run a Metal Working Shaper and Drill Press by the South Bend Lathe Works


Softcover, 48 pages, illustrated

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Here are two great how-to booklets originally published by South Bend Lathe. The shaper book from 1853 and the drill press book from 1961. You get both booklets in one volume.

If you have "How to Run a Lathe" by South Bend, then you know what this book is all about. Its not going to make you an expert machinist, but you will get loads of practical information that will get you going.

In the shaper section you get details of setting up tools and holders, mounting the work, adjusting the shaper, operation, roughing cut, finish cut, vertical cut, bevel cut, and more. The drill press section actually belongs with the South Bend 14" drill press, which is still being made. Apart from instructions for this drill you get details on laying out work, grinding, countersinking, tapping, polishing, drilling in glass, buffing, drilling to depth, drilling deep holes, routing, mortising, and more. Most of this is applicable to other brands of drill presses. 

Softcover, 48 pages, illustrated

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