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Hammer Making with a Striker with Patrick Quinn (DVD)



Universal DVD, 112 minutes, 8 modules, 32 lessons

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What sets apart the blacksmith craft from any other craft is the ability to create and forge tools. The ultimate skill of making your own tools will empower you as a maker and validate your skill as a blacksmith.

This class will cover all the steps involved in making a 2.25 lb-Straight Peen hammer. With a piece of 1045 grade steel, you will learn to punch and drift the hole, forge the cheeks and fuller around the face and peen. The majority of the work will be done with sledge hammers, and strikers; focus will be placed on proper striking technique. “Striking” is done with a team of two – one to hold the piece and a tool, the other to “strike” with a sledge hammer. All heat-treating steps will be covered, including annealing, hardening, tempering, and finishing (polishing the faces). Handle making is also included and you will be able to make a completed handled hammer ready to use!

112 minutes, 8 modules, 32 lessons

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112 minutes