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Forged Animal Heads with Bill Epps (DVD)

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Universal DVD, 32 minutes

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This DVD is the first in a series featuring Mesquite, Texas blacksmith, Bill Epps. These DVDs are different from most of what is out there on the how-to market.

In this DVD the viewer learns the steps in creating several novelty animal heads out of square stock and a novelty horse out of a horseshoe (Epps began his career as a farrier). The artist also discusses ideas on applications for the items shown.

A ‘chalkboard’ segment introduces each item, breaking down the process of creating the heads and showing how the shape of the steel should change in each step.

Epps includes tips on technique, including a discussion of the molecular structure of steel and why a smith makes his steel ‘square, then round’, and how to use a cross-peen hammer correctly. Forge-welding can be clearly seen in the making of one of the pieces, and Epps gives tips to the beginning blacksmith on how to get a good forge weld.

Running Time 32 mins.

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32 minutes