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Flames of Hell Holster & Gun Belt Pattern Pack by Will Ghormley


Pattern Pack, designed by Will Ghormley

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The Flames of Hell Holster and Belt pattern is based on the holster and belt that Will Ghormley, the designer of this pattern pack, made for Ben Foster as "Charlie Prince" in the movie "3:10 TO YUMA".

Holsters fit all Colt variations in standard barrel lengths, All new and old vaquero variations in standard barrel lengths, Remington ’75s in the two standard lengths, Remington ’58, Colt ’60 Army, Colt ’51 and ’61 Navys, and the Schofield 7" barrel.

Will Ghormley has made the gunleather that has been used in many Hollywood movies. Thirty years of leather working experience, dedication to research and attention to detail has led to his creations being seen by millions of fans worldwide. Gunbelt and bullet loops are set to fit a .45 caliber cartridges. Packs include patterns for ten different holsters that accommodate over 30 Western Action revolvers.


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