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Damascus Steel and Knifemaking by Bill Moran and P. Tarantino (an American Bladesmith Society Publication) – U


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Softcover, 46 pages, 126 illustrations.

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This is a Two-in-one book. Damascus Steel and Knifemaking 1985 are reprints of notes taken by a student, Paul Tarantino, who attended Bill Moran’s classes taught at Rochester Institute of Technology between 1984 and 1991.

The book contains well drawn diagrams and detailed notes of Bill Moran’s lectures.

This rare book is a must have for even the most experienced bladesmith.

Damascus Steel by Bill Moran includes the layering of metal, Forge welding, Ladder Pattern, Herringbone Pattern, Anvil tips, Heat Treating, Quenching, testing for Hardness, and Acid Etching.


Knifemaking 1985 by Bill Moran includes basic knife forging, Start of Bird Head over horn of anvil, Narrow Tang, General information, Damascus Steel, Forging review, Forges, Handle for Narrow Tang, Hand operated Air Supply for forge, Jig for filing shoulders square, the Third Hand, Green River Knife, Combat Knife, points of Balance, Skiving & General purpose knife, finishing the blade Drawing the Temper, Heat Treating, Inlaying Silver Wire and Truing up Blades.

Softcover, 46 pages, 126 illustrations.

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