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Classical and Flamenco Guitarmaking with Benito Huipe (3 hour, 2 DVD set)



Step-by-Step Construction of a Fine Guitar by a Master Luthier. DVD, 180 minutes

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This 2 DVD set shows a skilled artisan making fine classical and flamenco guitars with hand tools. It is a digitally remastered and updated version of the bestselling 1994 video. Benito Huipe was born in Paracho, Michoacan, Mexico and there he learned traditional guitar-making methods. Upon his immigration to California he incorporated guitar building techniques used by makers from other countries.

Benito shows how a guitar is built in the Spanish-style in the guitar capital of Mexico, Paracho. Using lots of hand tools, Benito shows you how to do most everything without much space or investment. Not meant to cover every base, this dvd is a great overview and contains a lot of information for the beginner and professional alike.

This updated and improved version is 80 minutes longer than the original VHS tape version. It includes 60 chapters which makes it easy to navigate through the DVDs. All the scenes have been re-cut. There is a new voice over, there are new titles, new scenes, new scene transitions. There is a lot of detail in these 3 hours.

3 hours. Produced and written by Ronald Louis Fernandez.

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