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Beginning to Throw on the Potter’s Wheel with Robin Hopper (DVD)



Universal DVD, 60 minutes

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 Learn the throwing techniques that Robin Hopper has developed during his award-winning forty-year career. This comprehensive introduction to throwing on the potter’s wheel features wedging, centering, the throwing of basic forms, and trimming.

The video uses multiple camera angles and close-ups to demonstrate what the hands and fingers do at various stages, both inside and outside a thrown object.

Robin works with the basic cylindrical form, and presents throwing exercises that lead to mastery of the throwing process for a variety of sizes and shapes of cylinders, including waisted, conical and spherical variations.

He concludes by demonstrating the throwing of bowls and plates.

"[Hopper] explains each movement in a very understandable fashion, and the excellent camerawork allows home viewers to get as close as a student – or perhaps even closer . . . . It’s hard to imagine a more lucid or comprehensive introduction to the subject . . Highly recommended."(Video Librarian)

Robin Hopper . . . skillfully guides [novices] in using the wheel, including wedging, centering, shaping and trimming the clay . . . . Presented without glitz or pretense . . . thorough and clearly explained.(Booklist)

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