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A Guide to Renovating the South Bend Lathe 9″ Model A, B & C Plus Model 10k, by ILION Industrial Services LLC

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Softcover, 106 pages, over 300 B&W photographs

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If you are thinking about cleaning up that old South Bend Lathe that was given to you by your grandfather and has been sitting in your garage, this manual is what you will need to get the job done.

” A Guide to Renovating the South Bend Lathe 9″ Model A, B & C and Model 10k” is our new soft cover, 106 page shop manual which is fully illustrated with over 300 B&W photographs plus step-by-step maintenance instructions for the standard South Bend workshop lathes that were produced in large numbers between 1939 and the late 1980’s.

As you will notice, this is not a fuzzy Xerox reprint of an older existing manual that you see on line frequently. This newly published book was produced over the last two years specifically with the South Bend Lathe enthusiast in mind and it addresses the most commonly asked questions and methods for how to renovate a used machine tool. Even though South Bend ceased production of these fine quality lathes years ago, there are still thousands of servicable lathes sitting out there in home shops, small businesses, schools and machinery dealers. This book takes the guess work out of what to do if you find one and decide to purchase it.

The details include the sequence for disassembling, cleaning, reassembling and adjusting the critical components of the 9″ Model A, B, and C horizontal drive lathes plus the 10k (or “light 10” model). Additional infomation is included for evaluating and purchasing a used SBL if you are not lucky enough to already own one and we have a section on refinishing industrial machinery. The typeface of the manual is two points larger than normal for those of us who prefer to work at the bench without reading glasses.

The instructions are very straight forward and no prior machinery rennovation experience is required. The manual also includes a list of resources for vintage SBL owners as well as parts references, tool requirements, lubrication guides and material specifications. If you have a Southbend lathe, don’t miss your chance to pick up a complete guide for a very reasonable price.

PLEASE NOTE: This manual does not cover the 10L or “Heavy Ten” South Bend Lathe since they are two distinctly different designs. If you have a 10L or larger industrial lathe, please check out our other manuals here on ArtisanIdeas.com.

Softcover, 106 pages, over 300 B&W photographs 

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