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7 x 10 Variable Speed Mini Lathe with Jose Rodriguez (4 Hour DVD)


Machining operations on the 7 x 10 variable speed Asian-Made Mini Lathe. Universal DVD, 4 hours

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(Please Note: The Publisher of this DVD does not include cover art – on paper – in the DVD case. We supply these excellent DVDs to you as the publisher supplies them to us.)

This has been a hot topic in recent months on the internet, various metalworking newsgroups and mailing lists. Now all of your questions, doubts and anything else you may have been wondering about this tool will be answered in a four-hour, no holds barred video presentation. 

The video begins with a full tour of the tool, followed by a complete machining presentation that should put to rest any fears or reservations you may have had about this tool once and for all!!! 

Not only will you be shown just about every basic machining cut a lathe is able to do, you will also see a complete "milling on the lathe” demonstration adapting the Taig vertical milling slide to the mini-lathe’s cross slide. 

This is an extremely informative presentation that will also double as a perfect machining mini-course.  

Running time: Approximately four hours 

With Jose Rodriguez

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4 Hours