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Using the English Wheel (3 DVD Set)


Universal DVD, 5 hours and 52 minutes total run time!

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This 3 DVD set contains the following DVDs:

English Wheel Techniques DVD, 

Advanced Techniques for the English Wheel (2 DVDs), and

An American’s View of the English Wheel (DVD).

English Wheel Techniques: Metalworking guru Ron Covell brings his signature easy-to-follow style using the English wheel, a machine notoriously difficult for beginners to figure out.

Demonstrations are given on a broad range of machines from a cast iron ‘monster’ to a tiny C-clamp.

This comprehensive DVD includes the machine’s history as well as a clear explanation of principles that enable the machine to move metal. Ron shows basic tracking patterns that are used to shape panels of various sizes and configurations.

In addition to common wheeling techniques, Ron also shows some less well-know processes, such as using a rubber top wheel and embossing with the machine.

Whether you are brand new to the English wheel or an experienced user you will find lots valuable information!

DVD Length: approx 90 min.

Advanced Techniques for the English Wheel (2 DVDs): This DVD covers many, many techniques, methods and solutions that are essential for high-quality work with the Wheeling Machine.

Steve Paralieu, builder of over 70 Winston Cup car bodies, helped me (Kent White) with this film, and said afterwards that he gained many years’ experience in the hours he helped me make this 8’ polished panel.

Learn how to keep the panel from flopping, keep from slipping off the edge of the panel, how to make accurate and repeatable pressure adjustments, take care of little low spots, cure waviness, etc.

We make an 8′ X 34" polished panel for a Spartan Executive fuselage using .032" 2024 T3 (heat-treated Alclad aluminum).

2 Hours and 20 Minutes. Copyright 2001.

An American’s View of the English Wheel with Kent White (DVD)The Wheeling Machine (English Wheel) can seem deceptively simple, and this film solves many of the mysteries of tracking patterns, layering, shrinking, and smoothing out the rough spots. We take time to analyze the frame stiffness with a load cell, and how much pressure it actually takes to either shape .050" 3003 aluminum or to "planish" (smooth, crush, flatten) a gas weld in the same material.

It is easy to obtain these machines today, as you can find a cheap English Wheel from nearly any tool hawker out there. But what are you actually buying? Do you know how to easily check for some important features or inaccuracies? Many people buy a cheap English wheel and then get frustrated because it only makes lumpy panels.

Buy this DVD before you invest in an English Wheel, is our advice. We show proper roll runout, bearing play, axles, and upper Wheel runout. Learn to choose the right roll (anvil, anvil roll) contours for your job. The film also demonstrates forming and curving flanges, and a deburring trick that is fast and helpful. Did you know that sometimes you can even shrink on the Wheel? All of this is and more is covered!

Some vintage metalworking history is depicted to give you a greater understanding of traditions and methods in Italian coachbuilding, as well as coachworking in England, and America. A special section at the end shows a powerful air hammer working together with a Pullmax-type machine (electric nibbler) and an English Wheel to rapidly stretch, shrink, and planish a high-crowned panel for an aircraft wheelpant.

2 Hours and 6 Minutes. Copyright 1994.

Total running time for this special set is 5 hours and 52 minutes. 

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