1) LATHE FUNDAMENTALS & BASIC TURNING: This volume is designed to get you familiar with the lathe and its terminology, and take you all the way through to making your first cuts!

Some of the topics covered are: Intro & Shop Safety; Nomenclature and Terminology; Setting up and using your 3-jaw chuck; Cutting tool types, shapes & uses; Successfully dealing with backlash; Setting cutting tool height; Calculating depth of cut; Face cuts; Basic turning; Compound angled cuts; Using the leadscrew; Calculating TPI on double reduction; Feeding normal cuts; Finish cuts. Running time: 65 minutes.

2) BEYOND THE 3-JAW CHUCK: This volume is designed to familiarize you with alternate methods of workholding that will allow you to use your lathe to its full potential!!

Some of the topics covered are:

Intro & Shop Safety; Setting up and using your 4-Jaw chuck; Centering Round Stock; Centering Non-round Stock; Tailstock & Laser Methods; The Lathe Wiggler; Faceplate Operations; Turning Between Centers; Using Fixtures for large workpieces.

And with the purchase of this Volume, you’ve also purchased a Single-User License to use the "ShopBuddy" shop calculator software included on the DVD! RUNNING TIME: 55 minutes.

3) Cutting V-Form Threads on the Mini Lathe: If you’ve been putting off some projects because you aren’t yet comfortable with cutting threads on your lathe, don’t wait any longer!

In this volume we’ll cover cutting external and internal V-form threads from basic theory to practice.  We clearly explain everything with charts, graphics and on-camera demos that will have you confident of success!

We’ll show you how to size your threads for precise, strong engagement, and point out the pitfalls that trip up most newcomers.

Also included is an End User License to use our "Threadbuddy" software application!

This application will do the math involved in calculating V-form thread dimensions!  Enter the size and pitch of your desired part, and "Threadbuddy" will handle the number-crunching instantly!

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