FROM THE PREFACE by the (deceased) author’s son: You will find the projects to be progressive in nature. That is, as you progress in knowledge, less information is supplied in the form of written instruction. The information is still there, but it is in the form of layout drawings giving you the opportunity to figure out methods to form and assemble the parts on your own. And that’s what Dad had in mind. He wanted us to learn how to use our brains.

To prepare for constructing the projects in the book, I purchased a 24" pan & box brake Model #G0557 from Grizzly industrial for $189.00 and a spot welder for $300.00. The other necessary tools such as tin snips, scriber and straight edge etc., I already had in my possession. I was amazed at what I was able to produce and the quality I was able to achieve with such a small investment. And that investment could have been reduced to near zero if I had chosen to use the wooden brake presented in the book, and pop rivets instead spot welds.

The charcoal grill and the three drawer tool chest were intimidating at first glance, but I just dug in and took the projects one step at a time. Before long it became clear that what was at first perceived a difficult challenge turned out to be a breeze. And that’s what Dad always emphasized. "Nothing is impossible. You can know what others know, and you can do what others do." I can testify to that from first hand knowledge…. "

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