Here’s a great resource for glassblowers of all levels. Get Ed Schmid’s three comprehensive books together as a set!

BOOK 1) Beginning GlassblowingThis very highly reviewed, fully revised and completely illustrated book covers all aspects on how to blow hot glass from the furnace. Learn the tools, techniques and concepts involved in the time-honored tradition of glassblowing. 

Topics include: Gathering; Shaping; Tumblers; Goblets; Health and Safety; And more!


BOOK 2) Advanced Glassworking Techniques: Edward Schmid’s bestselling 2nd book on glassblowing picks-up where Beginning Glassblowing leaves off. Designed for people who have had some experience blowing glass, this handwritten, fully illustrated book includes many topics, among which: A back-to-basics review; Blowing large-scale pieces; Venetian-style techniques; Solid working; And more!

BOOK 3) The Glassworker’s Bathroom Reader: This highly readable, entertaining, fully illustrated book by master glassblower Ed Schmid includes: Introduction; Glass is Hell; Rat Race; Blow Flow Chart; So you want to build a hot shop; Communication is…; Kidz Page!; Believe me when…; And more!

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