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To our knowledge this is the only publication available dedicated to showing a wide range of contemporary gates, railings and fences which is not the catalog of a specific company or dedicated to industrially produced ironwork.

These useful and fascinating volumes were specifically produced by Antonello Rizzo as sourcebooks for blacksmiths who produce gates and railings. While the text in these two volumes is in Italian, the main interest and purpose of the books is to give a photographic, rather than descriptive, panorama of contemporary iron gate and railing production in Italy.


This first volume of the 2 volumes is a unique publication for its usefulness and ample coverage of this specific kind of work. It is an excellent sourcebook for smiths who are looking for ideas on producing attractive, but not highly detailed or involved gates and railings, of a more more modern look and design. The gates and railings in this first volume can be made by any experienced smith.


The second volume of this unique set showcases gates, railings and fences of a more artistic and sometimes more classical style than those shown in the first volume. However, all work shown was fabricated in the last 15 years. So while the influence may be classical in some cases, the actual work is contemporary.

The work in making these gates, fences and railings is definitely more involved than for those in the first volume.
It is a great sourcebook for anyone involved in the design and fabrication of artistic gates, fences and railings.

As in the first volume, all the work illustrated is Italian. The text is also Italian, but the importance of the book is not what is written but what is shown.



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