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For Wrought Ironsmiths (Fur Den Kunstschmied) by Otto Schmirler


Hardcover,168 pages, 764 photos and illustrations

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This book is intended primarily to serve as a reference work for wrought-iron smiths. However, civil engineers, architects and designers may also find this book useful in indicating the many uses which can be made of wrought iron. Schmirler has compiled from his own archive a selection of sketches, scale drawings and photos he produced as a specialist in wrought iron. Schmirler’s three-step process in the production of a piece of artistic wrought iron starts with sketching the piece, and then developing a detailed working drawing on a scale of 1:1, and finally photographing the finished piece and recording its location. In this book, the objects illustrated are grouped by the following types: inn signs, fireplaces, tables, candleholders, wall lamps, ceiling lights, lamps and lanterns, stands, utensils, clocks, hallstands, mirror frames, wine bars, gates, mountings, window grilles, transom grilles, ornamental grilles, railings and gravestones. Close-ups are provided to help illustrate the various processes involved.

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