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Fire and Roses with Hans Schlosser (DVD)


Forging a Queen’s Rose. Universal DVD, 80 minutes

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The Fire & Roses video DVD is finished and has arrived!
Imagine if you will a world where craftsmen are skilled enough to fashion an antique rose of intoxicating beauty from a solid bar of iron. A rose so stunningly realistic that it causes all that see it to believe for a moment that the iron rose is actually real. Can this be anything but pure fantasy?

Witness it for yourself in this amateur documentary video DVD – Fire & Roses ~ Forging a Queen’s Rose (video is one hour and 20 minutes long). Watch as 3 blacksmiths from the historical re-enactment group, The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), forge an iron rose using traditional methods taught to the most skilled German blacksmiths for centuries.

Please note that this is an amateur video with a lot to be desired regarding filming quality.

However, for its low price and especially Hans Schlosser’s good smithing, it’s worth having it.
A small group of SCA members gathered in the shop of Hans Schlosser to watch as the rose was forged from a solid bar of steel. Performed live for a small audience from Calontir in October of 2002.
The rose was carved from a single piece of 1-1/2″ round bar, using traditional forging techniques, splitting and carving the layers of petals from a central billet. Leaves were forged from small bars and added by the age old blacksmiths’ method of fire welding. This is not a sheet metal rose, nor is it a bar that was smashed flat and rolled up as seen on other blacksmith websites. This is the real thing! The only tools used were sledge hammers, power hammers, hand hammers, chisels, tongs, and a wire brush to clean the finished rose. If you ever wanted to know how to forge an antique iron rose then this DVD video is for you. While it is intended as a documentary video rather than a ‘how-to’ video, the video will give the blacksmith a good idea of almost every step involved in forging a wrought iron rose. Nowhere else in the U.S. will one find roses made in this way anymore. See a very old forging technique brought to life once again.
Fire and roses was filmed with old VHS format equipment and converted to DVD so picture is not as sharp as many people would expect from modern digital video equipment. This was a first time amateur documentary filmed on location with no professional video lighting so the camera often could not process accurate color- hot iron appearing almost white rather than orange or yellow. What the viewer will see is a live forging demonstration of an iron rose that was made in entirety in front of a small audience.

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