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Book 5: The Drill Press by David Gingery


Book 5 of Gingery’s Build Your Own Metal Working Shop. Softcover, 128 pages, illustrated

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If you have done the projects in this series progressively, as the author did, you will have done all your drilling with an electric hand drill up to this point. That’s tough and tedious work to say they least and you will really appreciate a drill press. In fact it would not make sense to proceed to the Deluxe Accessories (Book 6) without one. You could buy one of course, but anyone could do that….

It drills to the center of a 12″ circle with a quill travel of 2 1/2″. two stage speed reduction gives a low speed of 260 rpm for serious large hole drilling. Ball bearings in spindle driven pulley and idler make it smooth and quiet running. Quill feed is by cable or chain drive so there is no rack and pinion to cut.

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