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Basic Damascus with Ed Caffrey, ABS Mastersmith (DVD)



Universal DVD, 83 minutes

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Watch as ABS Mastersmith Ed Caffrey shows you how to get solid results with your Damascus billets. He will show you processes that will allow you to make one good blade after another. This video is a must-have for anyone who forges Damascus.

The second in a series of Bladesmithing videos with Ed Caffrey, this video focuses on Basic Damascus, including stock removal methods and tips on etching. Ed shows you refined techniques for creating a bird’s eye pattern, a ladder pattern, a twist pattern, and a random pattern.

Note: This video shows methods using a forge, a hydraulic press, and a power hammer.
83 minutes.

Ed Caffrey began making knives in 1982, shortly after joining the Air Force. He earned his ABS Journeyman Smith rating in 1994, and his ABS Mastersmith rating in 2000. In December 2003, after 22 years of service, he retired from the Air Force to pursue Bladesmithing on a full time basis. He has served as a judge at the Journeyman Smith level for the American Bladesmith Society and his work has appeared in Blade Magazine, Fighting Knives Magazine, Knives Illustrated Magazine, the Knives Annual, and The Wall Street Journal.

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