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Arc Welding I and II with Steve Bleile (2 DVD Set)


Get both Universal DVDs together! 44 and 45 minutes each

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ARC WELDING I dvd: Every welding project, from fabrication to repair, is completed one weld bead at a time. Whether you’re just starting out or trying to improve your skills, the first step is to learn how to consistently run good weld beads.

DVD 1 covers welding machines, AC/DC, polarity, welding leads, electrode holders and filter lenses along with demonstrations of the characteristics and uses of the common welding rods. In-depth explanations of the basic fundamentals, with close-up video of the actual weld, include starting the arc, arc force, arc gap, rod angles, rod movement, travel speed, and setting the amperage. Using digital editing to slow down and stop the motion, close-up demonstrations provide an understanding of the molten weld puddle, and show exactly where to watch the puddle during the weld. Also included are extremely clear video demonstrations of actual welds in the flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions using E6010/E6011, E6013 and E7018. Approx. 44 minutes.

An excellent video for beginners to intermediate welders.

ARC WELDING II dvd: Along with providing more insight into watching and understanding the molten weld puddle, Arc Welding II provides detailed instruction of metal preparation, fit-up, and welding techniques for different types of weld joints.

After a brief review of the basic fundamentals, Arc Welding II takes a closer look at watching the molten weld puddle to adjust the amperage, and maintain the proper travel speed, rod angle and arc gap. Arc Welding II provides in-depth demonstrations of metal preparation, joint fit up, and welding techniques for Corner, Lap, T, and Butt joints, including V beveled with a back up bar and V beveled open butt. Detailed explanations, along with close-up video of the actual welds, show how the amperage setting, travel speed, rod angle, arc gap and rod movement are used to control penetration, the shape and the quantity of weld. Approx. 45 minutes.

For intermediate and more advanced welders.

Steve Bleile

WMC’s videos feature Steve Bleile, an ASME certified welder with over 25 years of experience and current owner/operator of a custom fabrication shop. Having taught many people how to weld, both on the job and as a part-time instructor, Steve understands exactly what information viewers need to get started and improve their skills.

Close-up Demonstrations

Presenting demonstrations that everyone can "see" is the real challenge of welding instruction. WMC’s welding and torch-cutting videos are loaded with extremely close-up and clear video demonstrations of the actual cutting and welding processes. Using digital editing, arrows are inserted into slow and stop motion, showing exactly what to look for and where to watch.

Detailed Explanations

From equipment setup to lighting the torch or striking an arc, the in-depth explanations along with the clear demonstrations provide a basic understanding of what’s happening, what to watch for and what to do.

Welding Instruction

WMC’s instructional welding videos are currently used by thousands of high school, college and industrial welding programs, as well as farmers, contractors, metal sculptors, tradesmen and all around "tinkerers". From beginners to intermediate welders, every viewer can actually "see" what to do, giving them the confidence to get started or improve their skills.

Reference and Review

A great addition to your technical library. Anyone having difficulties with a specific technique can watch the close-up demonstrations over and over until they understand what to look for and what they’re seeing. All the videos are indexed for quick reference and review.

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